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Top Up Your Israeli Prepaid SIM Online

Online TopUp service for Israeli Prepaid sim cards, All refills for plans & credit are activated remotely within 3 hours or on the date you choose.

Recharge your Israeli prepaid sim card on our website by click here to renew your plan or add credit.
Stay in control of your payments and save, Prepaid Israeli SIM is the cheapest solution for travelers.

We Offer USA Virtual Numbers

With the virtual USA number to your Israeli SIM people in USA can contact you by dialing a local USA phone number instead of having to call your Israeli phone number and pay international rates,
You can also forward your calls from your USA phone to the virtual number and get all your calls to your Israeli phone. For More Details Click here

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Reviews For SIM & TopUp
Great Service !
Eyal on 15/11/2015
Great, reliable service. I bought the SIM card too close to my departure date, a...
Ricky Tenzer on 24/09/2014
thank you for your satisfying service, it's always a pleasure working with you
Stephan Lehnert on 21/01/2019
Appreciated great service
Daniel Z on 17/11/2015
it is good to see excellent customer service in Israel.
Graham on 09/01/2015
This company has given me great service for the past 4 years, your service has b...
Alexander Roberts on 27/05/2017
Easy to use and works great !
Michael on 13/02/2016
After configuring APN, the sim worked very well. Happy to bought it.
Massimo on 25/02/2020
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USB SIM Card Reader Editor SMS Backup GSM/CDMA + CD Deleted Text Recovery

New USB SIM Card Reader Editor SMS Backup GSM/CDMA + CD Deleted Text Recovery

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We offer completely free delivery on every product to anywhere in the world ! No minimum order, click here for shipping information

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    • Israel prepaid SIM compare rates for cellcom orange pelephone
  •        PAY AS YOU GO RATES

  • Calls Within The Network
  • Landlines and other Israeli lines
  • Peak Hours: between 6AM - 6PM 
  • SMS/MMS (within the network)
  • SMS/MMS (outside the network)
  • Video calls, DATA transfer (air time)
  • Free incoming calls & SMS
  • For international rates click here
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 0.63₪ 0.17¢
  • 0.70₪ 0.19¢
  • 1.20₪ 0.32¢
  • $15,00
  • 1.15₪ - 0.30¢
  • 1.19 - 0.31¢
  • 1.13₪ - 0.29¢
  • 0.67₪ 0.18¢
  • 0.70₪ 0.19¢
  • 0.49₪ 0.12¢
  • $15,00
  • 1.22₪ - 0.32¢
  • 1.28₪ - 0.34¢
  • 1.13- 0.29¢
  • 0.68₪ - 0.18¢
  • 0.70₪ - 0.19¢
  • 0.49₪ - 0.13¢
  • $15,00


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USB SIM Card Reader Editor SMS Backup GSM / CDMA +CD Deleted Text Recovery Micro

Manage your SIM card, read SD & MicroSD memory, and recover deleted text messages (SMS) with the included SIM recovery software. Recover deleted sms/text messages and perform comprehensive analysis of SIM card data. The listing includes the SIM Card Reader, SIM adapters, SIM management software, and SIM data recovery software. 

New - New USB SIM/SD/MicroSD reader with Micro SIM and Nano SIM Adapters
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Get full access to your SIM card through your PC
Ability to copy the content from one SIM card to another
No need to worry about losing your telephone directory
Software will allow you to manage the SIM card copying process
Read, edit, backup your contacts and SMS (text messages)

Text Message Recovery Software Features:
Unicode support to read multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, & Russian.
Recovers deleted data such as text messages and last numbers dialed.
Made by a forensic company for forensic investigations. Whether you're trying to recover data from your own SIM or you're a seasoned investigator, you can rest assured you won't miss anything.
Card Reader Features:
USB 2.0
Works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Reads Memory Cards: MicroSD, SD, SDHC, MMC2, MS Pro, SD Ultra, MMC, ProDUO, and more

What's Included:
SIM and Memory Card Reader
Text Message Recovery Software
SIM Management Software
Micro and Mini SIM Adapters

Package including: 
1 x USB SIM Card Reader
3 x Sim Adapter
(Do not include memory card)
You get everything you need for you SIM card management and data recovery. You don't need to purchase any adapters (even microSD cards fit without an adapter). 

Free Gift: SIM Card Case ♦ Iphone Pin ♦ English user guide

1 Year warranty by the importer in Israel 




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