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Top Up Your Israeli Prepaid SIM Online

Online TopUp service for Israeli Prepaid sim cards, All refills for plans & credit are activated remotely within 3 hours or on the date you choose.

Recharge your Israeli prepaid sim card on our website by click here to renew your plan or add credit.
Stay in control of your payments and save, Prepaid Israeli SIM is the cheapest solution for travelers.

We Offer USA Virtual Numbers

With the virtual USA number to your Israeli SIM people in USA can contact you by dialing a local USA phone number instead of having to call your Israeli phone number and pay international rates,
You can also forward your calls from your USA phone to the virtual number and get all your calls to your Israeli phone. For More Details Click here

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Thank you for the service you have provided
Michael Aizenberg on 07/04/2014
Appreciate the really great service.
Reva on 01/08/2017
Thank guy so much for the exceptional customer care
Yaron on 14/03/2015
Thank you for such great service! I really appreciate your help and communication.
Kimberly Bischoff on 23/06/2015
Once we were in Israel everything with the phone worked great. If I am able to ...
Martin Glover on 12/03/2015
Many thanks for your help and your excellent service.
Richard on 11/12/2015
Great Service !
Eyal on 15/11/2015
Your customer service is very impressive and much appreciated.
Darren Pearson on 19/03/2020
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Unlimited Virtual Number, Add a local number from your country

Unlimited Virtual Number, Add a local number from your country
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    • Israel prepaid SIM compare rates for cellcom orange pelephone
  •        PAY AS YOU GO RATES

  • Calls Within The Network
  • Landlines and other Israeli lines
  • Peak Hours: between 6AM - 6PM 
  • SMS/MMS (within the network)
  • SMS/MMS (outside the network)
  • Video calls, DATA transfer (air time)
  • Free incoming calls & SMS
  • For international rates click here
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 1.10₪ - 0.29¢
  • 0.63₪ 0.17¢
  • 0.70₪ 0.19¢
  • 1.20₪ 0.32¢
  • $15,00
  • 1.15₪ - 0.30¢
  • 1.19 - 0.31¢
  • 1.13₪ - 0.29¢
  • 0.67₪ 0.18¢
  • 0.70₪ 0.19¢
  • 0.49₪ 0.12¢
  • $15,00
  • 1.22₪ - 0.32¢
  • 1.28₪ - 0.34¢
  • 1.13- 0.29¢
  • 0.68₪ - 0.18¢
  • 0.70₪ - 0.19¢
  • 0.49₪ - 0.13¢
  • $15,00


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Virtual USA Number for israeli landline or sim card, local USA number in Israel

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Need to stay in touch with people back home ? 
 Get a local phone number to ring on your phone in Israel, people from your country will be able to contact you
 by dialing a local phone number. 


Let's say you're in Israel and you want your family in USA, NY to be able to call you in Israel without paying international rates, simply get a prepaid virtual USA phone number with your NY area code and the USA number will connect to your Israeli phone, so all your friends and family can call you in Israel while paying local rates.

  • Give all your contacts a cheap & easy way to call you in Israel without having to dial international or pay high rates.
  • Forward all your calls from your home or your business to the virtual USA number and get all your calls in Israel 

The virtual USA phone number can be used for incoming calls only, you cannot make outgoing calls or send and receive SMS messages.

Want the call to ring on your office landline during the week and your cell phone on weekends? No problem, you can change where you answer your calls any time.

The virtual USA phone number assigns a number with a local area code for the country of your choice - directly on your Israeli cellular number so you have two numbers that connect to the same line. Local numbers are currently available for US, UK, Canada, France.

Have friends and family call your Israeli cell phone like a local call! you can get unlimited incoming calls for 14 or 30 days, payment is prepaid based, you will NOT be charged per minutes for every incoming call.

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