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Phone Compatibility

phone compatibility for Israel sim card

Phone Compatibility

The Cellcom and Orange SIM cards are compatible with all phones on the market including older simple 2G phones, The Pelephone SIM card will only work on the 3G/4G network, click here to check if your device is compatible with any of the Frequency's listed in the table below.


We guaranty "Cellcom" to work with any unlocked Cellphone (including Verizon and Sprint) for all services Calls, SMS, MMS and DATA, If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible or not go with Cellcom !







Download speed:

 3G Upto 5.2Mb 
4G 30Mbps


3G UMTS 2100;850Mhz
2G GSM 900/1800Mhz



Download speed:
3G Upto 7.2Mbps 
 4G 30Mbps

4G LTE 1,800/2,600Mhz
3G UMTS 900/2100
2G GSM 900/1800


Download speed:

3G Upto 4.8Mbps

 4G 30Mbps

4G LTE 1,800Mhz 

3G UMTS 850/2100Mhz

Most important is to make sure your phone is unlocked, Contact your service provider from home before purchasing a prepaid SIM card and ask them if your phone is "unlocked" or ask them to provide you with the unlock code for your phone.


If you want to check whether your phone is locked or not, test it with a SIM card from a service provider other than your own, If the phone is locked you will see an error message when you turn on the phone or a message prompting you to enter a subsidy code. 


If you cannot get your phone unlocked you can purchase a simple low cost phone on our website that is already unlocked, if you want to pay to unlock your phone we recommend using Global Unlock, click here to visit there site, for more information about unlocking your phone click here


The sim cards work with a mobile phone, Ipad, Modem, Laptop, Mifi or any other unlocked mobile device, you can use the sim as a Data sim, all the providers also offer plans for data only.

All the provider have good coverage nationwide, after all Israel is a small country. 

Click here to view all the coverage maps

Blackberry users click here for compatibility.