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International Rates

Using your Israeli Prepaid SIM card for International Dialing
israel prepaid sim international dialing, calling usa and abuad

Prepaid Israel SIM International dialing with:

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For calling international with the Prepaid Israeli SIM card using the credit on your account balance we recommend dialing with 018 or 019 prefix to get cheap rates for calling abroad.


For direct international dialing with your Israeli SIM card dial using 018 or 019 prefix followed directly by the country code - for example, dial the USA as follows: first dial 018 or 019 then dial 1 for the country code and the phone number (555)555-5555.


With the Cellcom unlimited plan you need to dial 1833-013


International texting: dial the plus + sign then the country code followed by the phone number,  for example to SMS the USA dial: +1(555)555-5555, MMS messages cannot be sent to international numbers, the rate for SMS to international numbers is 1.32NIS.


International calls are charged according to the rate listed below per minute, the cost will be deducted from your prepaid account balance, this is the total price for the call per minute, you will not be charged any additional fees !


We recommend dialing direct with 018 or 019 prefix depending on the country you are calling, see below rates and choose which prefix to use, for example Australia is cheaper with 019 but USA is cheaper with 018, always dial international with 018 or 019 prefix and you will pay the cheapest rate !


We try our best to keep the rates updated, the rates are subject to change without notice, prepaid Israeli sim is a reseller and not affiliated with the providers, any billing error must be dealt directly with the provider.


 israel prepaid orange cellcom pelephone calling international phone numbers

israel prepaid international calls

For other countries Email us and we will find you the cheapest rate.

cheap international rates with prepaid israel sim card

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Receiving local & international calls 

The israeli sim card phone number for all networks have 10 digits is 05x-xxx-xxxx

From Israel: your number will be dialed as usual, just as if you were in Israel: 05x-xxx-xxxx

From abroad: dial Israel's country code followed by the phone number, including dialing code, omitting the zero: +972-5x-xxx-xxxx, For example: 011-972-5x-xxx-xxxx

Get a local phone number to ring on your phone in Israel, click here for more info