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TOPUP (Buy Credit)

Prepaid topup for Israel, israel phone add credit or data plan for cellcom orange pelephone prepaid sim card

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Easy To Buy Credits For Your Prepaid Israeli SIM Card Online!

Here you can refill credits or buy a plan for any Prepaid Israeli SIM card.
All providers offer various topup options at competitive prices.


This Topup service is available for all Israeli prepaid SIM cards, even for sim cards purchased elsewhere!

 The Topup is activated remotely to your prepaid account balance within 3 hours or at a later date if chosen, you will receive notification via SMS and Email once the topup is added to your SIM card.
 All orders placed on Saturday and Israeli holidays will get processed within one hour after the holiday is over.

All Orange and Cellcom Credit Topups have a  service charge deducted by the carrier, Cellcom deducts 5 , Orange deducts 7 Shekel.
Pelephone, DATA plans and bonus Topups from all providers do not get charged a service fee by the provider.


The type of prepaid charge up options in Israel come in 5 categories:

refill topup add credit Israel prepaid sim card


  1. Money on your account - valid 1 year
  2. Limited time offer bonus plans - valid 7-30 days
  3. SMS package (text only) - valid 1 year
  4. Unlimited calls & SMS in Israel + DATA - valid 7-30 days
  5. DATA plans for cellular or computer internet - valid 30 days