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Pelephone "Talk'n'go" FAQ

Check account balance

You can check your credit balance anytime by dialing *998 or *199 from your prepaid Pelephone SIM card.

Follow the voice instructions.

This is a free call

Checking voice mail

Dial *151 or hold down your '1' key. Your default password is 1234*. The instructions will guide you through the voice mail menu.

Change menu language

Dial *999 ext. 2-3-1

Receiving international calls

Dialing to your SIM card from and Abroad: 

The israeli sim card phone number for all networks have 10 digits is 05x-xxx-xxxx

From Israel: your number will be dialed as usual, just as if you were in Israel: 05x-xxx-xxxx

From abroad: dial Israel's country code followed by the phone number, including dialing code, omitting the zero: +972-5x-xxx-xxxx

For  example: 011-972-5x-xxx-xxxx

Get a local phone number to ring on your phone in Israel, click here for more info

Using your SIM card abroad

To sign up for the Pelephone International roaming service, call *166 from your Pelephone SIM card toll free, Or dial 050-7077788, 1-700-558-088 from any other phone.

During your stay abroad you will be able to receive incoming calls and text messages, and make outgoing calls on certain networks (it is not possible to send text messages or to use cellular data while roaming abroad).

The roaming service will be available as long as your account has credit. 

Opening the line for roaming is not recommended since the fees are very high. the cost for calls are approximately 27.00 NIS for outgoing calls and 20.00 for incoming calls, all prepaid SIM cards in Israel are blocked for roaming by default therefore you will not get a signal in the outside of Israel.

Phone Requirements

verify that your phone does not have a service-provider lock. If you are unsure whether your phone is locked or not, test it with a SIM card from a service provider other than your own. If the phone is locked, you will see an error message when you turn on the phone or a message prompting you to enter a subsidy code, you can also call your service provider to verify and also ask for the unlock code. The Phone must be capable of functioning in the UMTS bands (3G only). UMTS 2100 or 850 

Internet data connection (APN Settings)

Every carrier uses different access points (APN) settings for wireless DATA connection, some phones like the Iphone or Blackberry will automatically configure the APN settings, other type phones like Nokia/Android need to be configured manually.

You can Send a blank SMS to 9999 or you can call *9999 ext. 1 the call will disconnect and send you the settings by SMS, this will auto configure the APN settings on your phone, this service will not work with the Iphone or Blackberry phones these devices automatically find the network settings and auto configure, Android phones need to be configured manually.

To manually enter the APN settings use the two setting below
Name: Pelephone 3G
For more information on how to configure your phone with the Pelephone APN settings for data access click

Forgot your phone number ?

If you ever forget your phone number dial from your Pelephone SIM card 0505010000 select English and press 1 to hear your number.

Message Center Number (For SMS)

If you cannot send SMS messages with your device enter the message center number in your device SMS settings +972500200011

Pelephone Customer Service

Customer service for your Israeli pelephone prepaid SIM card is available by dialing from your Pelephone SIM card *166 or *88 Ext. 1 - 3 the menu is not available in English but they do speak English, from landlines dial 050-7077788, 1-700-558-088

Hours are: Sunday to Thursday from 8:00Am – 21:00PM, Friday and erev hag 8:00AM – 13:00PM