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Israel Prepaid FAQs

How to get started


Start at Number 1 and ordering your Israeli sim is a snap, click here to watch a video tutorial 
1. Select a Company (provider) and review the plans offered, click
here to compare rates.
2. Select a Sim Size. Standard, Micro, Nano to fit your phone .
3. Choose your Topup Plan and select the start date.
4. Pay and check out

We will schedule activation after processing your ordering and ship your sim straight away.

The SIM card is yours to keep and will stay valid forever as long as a call or text message is either sent or received once per year.

The price for all SIM cards are $20 including free shipping worldwide, on the order page for the sim card you will have the option to add credit or a plan. click here to purchase a SIM card.

Which SIM Card to buy ?

The rates are basically the same with Orange and Cellcom, the difference is about 1 cent depending on whether you are texting or calling, using the Pelephone prepaid sim card is 50% cheaper but you will get charged 9.99 shekel every 30 days, you only pay the monthly charge if you have credits, note that Pelephone requires a phone with the UMTS 850/2100 3G band. click here to compare rates.


You can look through the topup plans to find the plan that fits your needs then you will know which provider to go with, you can add regular credit that stays valid for 1 year or topup with a plan, each provider offers a variety of bonus plans and unlimited plans, we recommend buying a plan and not pay as you go.


Note that Pelephone offers the cheapest unlimited plans and Cellcom is the only providers that offer unlimited calls to 5 countries with the unlimited plan that includes 15GB.

How to activate the sim card

All Prepaid SIM Cards are activated before we sent them to the customer, the Topup plan is also activated automatically therefore there is no need for you to do anything, when you arrive in Israel just insert the sim into any unlocked phone and your good to go.

If the SIM was not activated please follow for instructions below.


For orange: Dial *111 and wait for a message that sais your sim card has been activated, the call will then disconnect and send you a text message.

For Pelephone: Dial *111 ext. 1 to activate the Talk’n;go prepaid plan


The rates for local calls with the Pelephone Talk'n'Go prepaid plan is 50% cheaper but there is a ₪9.99 monthly charge, the first monthly charge will be at the day you sign up to this plan, then every 30 days at the same date it will charge your balance the monthly fee.
If you do not have enough money in your account it will only charge when you refill your balance, you will not get charged retroactive !

How to Topup (add credit)

Easy to refill your sim card with vouchers sold nationwide or online with our topup service by clicking here 


When you place the order for credit or a plan you are required to enter the phone number of the SIM card you want to topup,  under the phone number you are required to enter a start date,  choose the start date you wish to start using the plan and we will schedule the plan to be activated on the date chosen.


If you need the plan for more than 30 days you can purchase more than 1 plan and we will have the plan reactivated on the day the old plan expires, you will receive confirmation via SMS and Email ones the plan is activated.


I need a Micro/Nano SIM card

Use the checkbox on the order page to select the type of SIM card you need (Micro or Nano size SIM card) and we will have the SIM cut with perfect accuracy using a SIM cutter, this service is free of charge.


Can i use Apps like WhatsApp in Israel for Calls VoIP

You can use any free messaging app to make free VoIP calls while you are in Israel using Wifi or Mobile Data from your sim card, we suggest using iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facetime, Google Voice, Facebook Messenger or any other app that allows VoIP (voice over IP), in some countries these services are blocked by the provider but in Israel it is free and you will not have any issue.

With your Israeli prepaid sim card you can also use the phone with data to connect other devices to the internet using mobile hotspot or tethering.

Some phone plans for prepaid include international calls but they cost more, you can get a cheap Israeli phone plan without international calls and use one of the apps I listed above to get free international calls but be aware that you can only call other people that are using the same app, if you use WhatsApp to call the other person also needs to have Whatsapp

Will the SIM card expire ?

All Prepaid Israeli SIM cards will stay valid forever as long as a call or text message is sent from the sim card once per year, data usage will also keep the SIM card active, to keep the sim active while you are not in Israel you need to topup every 12 months, If your credit expired you can contact the provider from the sim card within 6 months from the time the credit was expired to reclaim your lost credit. 


The provider has the right to disconnect your phone line if there is no credit or activity with the line for over 12 months but they sometimes leave the sim active for longer, you can check if the SIM card is still valid by contacting the provider and ask them if the sim card phone number matches up with the serial number.


019Mobile sim cards will expire after 6 months if the sim card is not used.


For Orange call +972-747054018

For Cellcom call +972-529986919

For Pelephone call +972-507077766

For 019Mobile call 1800-019-019


We recommend registering the SIM card under your name with the provider by going to the service center in Israel, if the SIM card is under your name you will never lose the number even if you lost the SIM card, Orange customers can call customer support by dialing *111 ext. 0 and ask them for a "Big Number", you choose a 4 digit code over the phone instead of going to the service center to register the sim card under your name.

Shipping Information

Shipping is FREE on all orders!

We offer completely free delivery on every product to anywhere in the world!  No minimum order.

♦ FREE Shipping to the USA, UK, and Israel will be delivered within 5 - 7 business days via first class mail.
expedited shipping via UPS: 2-day mail $10 - overnight mail $20

♦ FREE Worldwide: will arrive within 14-16 days via international first class mail

♦ Australia expedited mail: 10-day shipping - $10

♦ EMS international expedited shipping 5 - 7 days - $30

♦ Shipping to Europe expedited will arrive within 5-7 days - $10
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


♦ 24 Hour courier shipping in Israel ONLY for $18.


Office Pickup available in 10 locations: 

♦ Cedarhurst - New York
♦ Borough Park - New York
♦ Marine Park - New York

♦ Staten Island - New York
♦ Monsey - New York

♦ Philadelphia - Pennsylvania
♦ Lakewood - New Jersey

♦ North Miami Beach - Florida
♦ Montréal - Canada

♦ Jerusalem - Israel

For office pickup, you must coordinate with us after you place the order.


Hotel Delivery
Are you visiting the Israel and staying at a Hotel? We can deliver your sim card to your hotel and have it awaiting your arrival. We will ship your sim directly to the hotel via courier service for only $20 and have it hand delivered within 24 hours at the front desk. your SIM card will be ready for use upon arrival, when you get the package simply insert the sim card and begin use. 

We can also have the sim card delivered to Ben Gurion Airport via courier service if you have a car reservation at the Airport with a car company.

For the courier service delivery, we need the name at the location, full address including apartment number, contact phone number at the address, the courier can deliver Sunday through Thursday.

You will receive email notification when the order ships, and when the order arrives, you will know the sim is there waiting for you and the person who signed for the package. Look for the courier service in the shopping during checkout. 


Remember that when you need to Refill/TopUp your sim the best place to do it is Prepaid Israeli

Phone Compatibility

phone compatibility for Israel sim card

Phone Compatibility

The Cellcom and Orange SIM cards are compatible with all phones on the market including older simple 2G phones, The Pelephone SIM card will only work on the 3G/4G network, click here to check if your device is compatible with any of the Frequency's listed in the table below.


We guaranty "Cellcom" to work with any unlocked Cellphone (including Verizon and Sprint) for all services Calls, SMS, MMS and DATA, If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible or not go with Cellcom !







Download speed:

 3G Upto 5.2Mb 
4G 30Mbps


3G UMTS 2100;850Mhz
2G GSM 900/1800Mhz



Download speed:
3G Upto 7.2Mbps 
 4G 30Mbps

4G LTE 1,800/2,600Mhz
3G UMTS 900/2100
2G GSM 900/1800


Download speed:

3G Upto 4.8Mbps

 4G 30Mbps

4G LTE 1,800Mhz 

3G UMTS 850/2100Mhz

Most important is to make sure your phone is unlocked, Contact your service provider from home before purchasing a prepaid SIM card and ask them if your phone is "unlocked" or ask them to provide you with the unlock code for your phone.


If you want to check whether your phone is locked or not, test it with a SIM card from a service provider other than your own, If the phone is locked you will see an error message when you turn on the phone or a message prompting you to enter a subsidy code. 


If you cannot get your phone unlocked you can purchase a simple low cost phone on our website that is already unlocked, if you want to pay to unlock your phone we recommend using Global Unlock, click here to visit there site, for more information about unlocking your phone click here


The sim cards work with a mobile phone, Ipad, Modem, Laptop, Mifi or any other unlocked mobile device, you can use the sim as a Data sim, all the providers also offer plans for data only.

All the provider have good coverage nationwide, after all Israel is a small country. 

Click here to view all the coverage maps

Blackberry users click here for compatibility.

Will the SIM work outside Israel ? (Roaming)

All prepaid SIM cards in Israel are blocked for roaming by default, therefore, you will not get a signal in the outside of Israel.


You can use the Israeli SIM card for roaming in a different country only for calls and SMS messages ! 


When you are in Israel you must contact your service provider from the SIM card and ask them to open the line for international roaming services.


Opening the line for roaming is not recommended since the fees are very high see below costs, you need to have regular credit on your main account balance for roaming usage, the plans will not work while roaming. 


Outgoing calls to Israel 24.90 NIS
Outgoing Local calls 19.90 NIS
Outgoing international calls 30.00 NIS
incoming calls 19.90 NIS
Outgoing and incoming SMS 3.50 NIS


With Orange, incoming SMS is free worldwide but you need to have credit on the sim card.


If you are also traveling to different countries you should get a local sim card for that country, the point of purchasing a prepaid SIM card is to avoid international roaming fees.

Which payment method can i use on checkout

You do not need a Paypal account to order on our web site !, during checkout you have the option to pay via Paypal, ones you are redirected to Paypal you also have the option to use a credit/debit card for payment.


PayPal accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and AMEX.

PayPal credit cards.


If you find your credit card is not being accepted with a message such as "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number." it might be due to one of the following reasons:


Your card is associated with a specific PayPal account, and you're not logging in with that particular account.

Your card was associated with a PayPal account that has since been closed.

You've linked the card to a PayPal account, but have not yet confirmed it.

You've exceeded your card limit with the PayPal system.

Your email address is raising a red flag in PayPal's system.

Your browser is not accepting cookies. You should clear any existing cookies and try again.

What is my phone number ?

There is a sticker on the sim card with a 10 digit phone number starting with 05, the phone number will also be emailed to you.

If you lost the number you can hear your number by calling the automated system.


For Orange: Dial from your Orange SIM card *111 ext. 6 to hear your number.
For Cellcom: Dial from your Cellcom SIM card *777 ext. 4 to hear your number.
For Pelephone: Dial from your SIM card 0505010000 select English and press 1 to hear your number.

FOR 019Mobile: Dial from your 019Mobile sim card *725

Change SIM card language

The SIM card system default menu language will be setup for English, if you would prefer a different language follow the instructions bellow.


you can also change the language on your own, follow the instructions below.


Dial *777 ext. 9 then and press 4 for English

Dial *111 ext. 7 then press 4 for English

Dial *999 ext. 2-3-1

Data speed limitation policy

All providers have a speed limitation policy of fair data usage, this policy applies to unlimited data plans, the provider determines how much data is considered fair data usage, the fair usage limits for this plan, If you exceed the Fair use Policy the speed limitation will apply and the internet speed will then slow down by approximately 80% for the remainder of the 30 day period, the reason for this policy is so it doesn't negatively impact the quality of service for all customers.

Copy contacts to your SIM card

You can copy your contacts to the SIM card simply by going to contacts then press the options key and select export/copy, you can also download the android app by clicking here

Calling International

We recommend dialing with the 018 or 019 prefix depending on the country your calling, click here to get the full list of rates and information for international dialing from your prepaid sim card.

With the Cellcom unlimited plan, you need to dial 1833-013

israel prepaid sim card dialing instructions for international calls